Jul. 16th, 2015

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Some fool just posted on CMA how "pain never killed anyone" .. I can't believe the self-righteous audacity of some people.  I'm copying my answer here incase she deletes it, because I will repost it as my OWN post if I have to to make sure it's out there.

Your doctor sounds like a joke. I can't believe how judgemental some people on this group are. In 17 years of migraine I've only gone to the ER for it twice, but there have been times I *should* have, but couldn't because I didn't have insurance. I cannot work, and the fact is many of us can't. Everyone's pain levels, symptoms, experiences and needs are different. We are all individuals struggling with a debilitating condition that 99% of the unaffected population DOES NOT understand. If we get judgement with one another and start turning on each other, who do we have?

By the way, it is completely inaccurate to say pain never killed anyone. People with chronic migraine are not only potentially at a higher risk of stroke or aneurysm, even with clean MRIs, but people also die directly related to their migraines. I have known of more than one person who died because they had to drive with one and got into an accident that likely wouldn't have happened if they weren't in crippling pain. And, tragically, people take their own lives to escape this unrelenting pain and the stigma, isolation, depression and anxiety that goes along with it.

This group is for support and understanding. Judgement and "you can't have it as bad as I do" or "you're not doing it right because this isn't what I do" is only harmful and derisive.


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