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Sometimes the stress of other people's anxiety is enough to send me into full panic mode... I go to great lengths to never mistreat other people because of my own anxiety issues, and I keep pretty damn good control of myself. The fact that certain other people refuse to do the same and will cross every line to be difficult, irrational, mean and just plain nasty is very upsetting to deal with.  I was doing pretty good til mom got up and said we were "sneaking off" to leave her alone.  I need a damn haircut and I have to go early because dealing with crowds in there is a huge trigger for me. But no, I get berated, yelled at and guilt tripped for it because somehow it's personal that she is being left home because we did it out of consideration to her for the fact that if she sleeps through it she won't realize she's alone, which upsets her. Because she's a bloody BORDERLINE and won't admit it.

All because of the fact that a cat got in her path while she walked down the hall. That was enough to set her off. I always have to remember that as far as her delusional paranoid mind is concerned, I am the only one who ever wanted any animals and I am the only one who is keeping them even though neither is true.


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