Apr. 2nd, 2015

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I've never been one for April 1. April Fool's has always seemed to me a complete waste of time. I have ignored it steadily since I was old enough to think past childish impulse, not for a lack of humor but because I am not a fan of time wasted or dishonesty, and pranks have always struck me as both.

I know I am the one who is not the norm in this regard, and I've decided that's okay with me. It's the same part of me who doesn't enjoy horror movies or have time for depressing songs or movies. The part of me that doesn't see the appeal in food so spicy it is painful to eat, or in roller coasters.

I don't generally share these opinions without justified reason, because I know that they would sound incredibly negative to most people. I am not a negative person. But I am a person who believes in truth over caginess, productivity over frivolity, security over risk, and the uplifting over the burdensome.

On that note, Big Miracle was disappointing. What sort of "miracle" is it when the baby whale died?

With that in mind, when I do set out to write something, especially a collaborative effort, a little angst and drama is always a good starting place. At least as far as roleplaying is concerned. I can't explain why I love angst and drama in roleplay that I'd have very little tolerance for in a movie or any other means.

Maybe it's the lack of control and just having something upsetting or depressing thrust upon you. When you write it, you can engage your mind in it and not just be subject to watching it helplessly unfold. Not that roleplay ever goes quite how you expect it and sometimes the characters' lives play themselves out in a way you could never imagine on your own. There is just something in the nature of multiple human imaginations coming together to build something moving and meaningful, or at the very least, entertaining or cathartic. We call it "feels" these days, a silly term for a very real impression.


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